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Equipment: idle converter
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Valid Period: 2026-11-01
Description: Rotating furnace for blowing blowing matte steel or metallurgical furnace. Converter furnace with a steel plate made of cylindrical barrel, lined with refractory materials , chemical reactions by blowing hot when heated, without external heat source, is the most important steel-making equipment can also be used for copper, nickel smelting. Refractory lining by the nature of the converter is divided into basic (with magnesia or dolomite for the lining) and acidic (lined with a siliceous material) converter; by gas blown into the bottom part of the furnace blowing, top-blown and side-blown converter; adopted by blowing gas into the air and oxygen converter converter. Steelmaking pig iron as raw material mainly liquid steelmaking methods. Its main features are: the liquid pig iron in the converter by heat and iron within the physical components (such as carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, etc.) and oxygen into the furnace for the heat generated by chemical reactions, the metal to the steel required composition and temperature. The main burden of hot metal and slag forming materials (such as lime, quartz, fluorite, etc.), to adjust the temperature, can be added to scrap and a small amount of cold iron and ore and other raw. In the BOF steelmaking process, carbon in molten iron at high temperatures and blowing a small amount of oxygen in carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas mixture, the converter gas . The occurrence of the amount of converter gas in a smelting process has been uneven, and the composition could change, often multiple refining converter gas recovery process by cooling, dust, enter the gas storage tank, mixing before delivery to the user.
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