Zhengzhou Yongchang Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Name:Zhengzhou Yongchang Chemical Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Zhengzhou Yongchang Chemical Co.,Ltd. is located in Xinxiang City, 30km east to Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan Province and north to the Yellow River, its South is near Zhongyue Mount Songshan, the Longhai Railway artery, 310 State Road, Zheng-Luo highway cross this district, transportation is very accessible. After continuous development, Zhengzhou Yongchang Chemical Co.,ltd. has become the largest in produce, the best in quality in active zinc oxide industry of China, its price is low, it is one joint-stock enterprise, which undertakes research, industry, trade. Zhengzhou Yongchang Chemical Co.,Ltd. is one of the drafting units of active zinc oxide chemical industry standard HG/T2572-94 in the People's Republic of China. The company's existing staff is 200 people, including 28 ..
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